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Комплетот вклучува:
– Роботизирана правосмукалка
– Единица за полнење
– 2 + 2 странични четки
– Основна четка со V облик
– Додаток за правосмукалка (може да ја отстраните главната четка и да го прикачите овој додаток)
– 1 + 1 „HEPA“ филтер
– 1 основен филтер
– Четка за чистење
– Далечински управувач

19,600.00 ден 17,780.00 ден

*Automatic recharge – in case of power shortage while working, the cleaner will find the charger
automatically without manual operation.

*Time Scheduling – this function allows to preset working date/time and then when the robot to
start cleaning for your convenience and easy operation.

*Dirt detection system – the robot cleaner will set its clean routes intelligently. When the robot
enters into dirtier area, it will change its walking routes or increase its suction power to clean
the dirtier area first

*Anti-Fall Function – edge detection that will prevent robot from falling off stairs. When cleaner
gets close to any edge, he will turn around or move back.

*Time options – to set working time for cleaning.

*HEPA filter – it traps molds, bacteria, dust mites, pollen and other micron particles and in this
way makes environment cleaner and healthy.

*Remote control for your convenience – you can guide his movements and tell him exactly
how and where to clean

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